It is a pleasure to come into my office that day after you have cleaned. Not only is the place clean, all my work which I am sure was in the way, is where I left it. Thank you for your service. Plainfield Business Owner
I am an enthusiastic client of LamCo Cleaning Services. I needed a specialist who provided timely and excellent cleaning services in an office whose occupant is less than tidy, whose hours are less than predictable, and where confidentiality is absolutely required. I receive everything I needed and required from LamCo Services and would recommend them without reservation. Business and Education Consultant, Montpelier, VT
LamCo Cleaning Services performed a superior job preparing a condominium for rental - cleaning, packing, storage, interior painting - under a short time deadline. Very professional. I strongly recommend LamCo. A Montpelier Condominium Owner.
Our offices are probably not the easiest to clean and keep clean, but LamCo manage to do an awesome job keeping on top of things. Jeanne and her team are very professional and provide a quality service that you can depend on. They have been cleaning for us for several years now and we are extremely happy with their service. LamCo Gets It Done! A Satisfied Client.
There is nothing nicer than having our clients and business associates enter our office and comment on what a beautiful and clean space we have. Someone recently asked if we had just moved in! Kudos to LamCo Cleaning Services for helping us look good in a reliable, discreet and environmentally friendly manner. Montpelier Business Owner
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Cleaning Tips

Sensible Cleaning Tips

How to clean black marks off walls:

  • Put a nickel size drop of dish detergent in a bucket of extremely hot water (wear gloves).
  • Using a two-sided sponge take the sponge side and hold on the spot for 10 seconds.  Flip the sponge over and gently scrub the spot away.  Amazing results!
  • Do not use magic erasers for commercial cleaning as they will remove wood finishes and paint
  • WD-40 removes gum and other sticky residuals.

How to clean stainless steel drinking fountains:

  • Spray white vinegar on fountain let sit about two minutes and wipe clean.  Water spots disappear and it shines!

How To remove hair color off of walls, etc

  • use a little peroxide on cloth and rub out.
  • If it is a large spot, test a small area of the large spot to make sure it does not cause damage to the finish of wall, etc.